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With nearly 25 years of experience providing study abroad opportunities to U.S. students, 还有一个国际合作伙伴网络来证明这一点, CEA is committed to meeting your needs and helping you make your study abroad dream a reality.

Our wide range of program options makes it possible to find the perfect study or intern abroad experience, and our built-in cultural activities and excursions will make your program as rich and rewarding as possible. CEA provides housing, health and safety support, pre-arrival orientation, airport pick-up, and more! 我们 处理小细节,所以你可以专注于学习.



  • 坚持毕业,确保学业成功
  • 建立终身的友谊
  • 培养独立学习和团队合作能力













Studying abroad with CEA is a life changing event for many students. 当你宝博体育的时候, you experience learning outside the traditional classroom setting, gain international experience and expand your sense of cultural awareness. 你会体验到新的文化, food, and meet people from all over the world making lifelong friends and expanding your network. Plus, 海外文化体验 会带你去那些你只在书上看到过的地方吗.
While, 在这个不断变化的世界, CEA cannot guarantee the absolute safety of any program participant, CEA Study Abroad will educate you about potential risks abroad during pre-departure, 到达报到后, 时不时地 during your study abroad program, so you can make informed choices about your personal safety. CEA Study Abroad specifically requests all students collaborate in keeping themselves safe by:

1. 避免危险行为;
2. Maintaining a working cell phone where CEA may reach you in case of any domestic or international emergency; and
3. 分享你的独立旅行计划,这样东航就可以 know your whereabouts in relation to a specific emergency situation.

请浏览我们的 safety and health & wellness protocols 了解更多信息.
If you think you have to pay for your study abroad program all on your own, think again! 我们整理了一份不同的留学清单 经济援助机会 如果你需要帮助,你可以选择. cea独家资助,各种外部来源,以及 CEA宝博体育奖学金 will give you several options when it comes to paying for your time studying abroad.
Most of CEA's programs require a 2.5 GPA or higher, but it is dependent on what program you apply for. 请记住,你的学院/大学可能有他们的 own GPA requirement for study abroad students so be sure to check with your study abroad office as well.

Our Mission & Values

Empower students to become thoughtful and thriving leaders through living and learning abroad.

As a participant in a CEA program, you can be assured that:

  • Your study or intern abroad experience will be rooted in academic excellence.
  • Your health and safety will always be our number one priority.
  • 多样性和包容性将得到庆祝和拥抱.
  • We’re thinking of what your study or intern abroad experience will offer you not just during, 但在你回家之后.
  • Our enrollment team and our onsite teams work together to make sure that each individual student is prepared for a semester or summer studying or interning abroad. Before you even think about getting on a plane, we're planning for your success.
  • 文化参与的机会, volunteering, and exploring your new community will make a positive impact on not only you, 也是你远离家乡的家.
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